What is a blue screen of death

What is a blue screen of death

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death, AKA BSOD

Have you seen this screen?  We have seen it thousands of times!  Customers bring their computers to us with this issue.  The biggest issue with this screen is that the fix is not always the same.  

The screen always displays some clues about the underlying issue.  Sometimes its a hardware error, sometimes its a sofware issue.  If the error happens when you are not at the computer, it can be diagnosed by searching your event logs for specific eventID’s.

One blue screen of death may be harmless and safely ignored as windows does have a hiccup from time to time when software tries to access memory it doesnt have permission to access.  Typically this happens with driver software since its interacting with hardware.  

Its when you see this blue screen often that you should be concerned the most.  Thats where getting to the root of the problem is important so it can be addressed.  A software called Blue Screen View from Nirsoft will find files called memory dumps so you can isolate which software caused the blue screen.  From there its practical to update the sofware or driver and see if the issues are resolved.

In more extreme cases, hardware may have to be replaced, but these issues are typically less common.

If you are still having problems you cant resolve, we have technician trained to sniff out the cause of these blue screens.  You can contact us for help.


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