Finding the perfect laptop

Finding the perfect laptop

Laptops come in many different sizes.

When choosing a laptop, a primary consideration is the size of the keyboard and screen.  Laptops can range in size from 13.3 inches up to 17.3 inches.  I am sure that there are small and larger, but those sizes are outside the norm.  The sizes typically come down to user preference.  How often you travel with the laptop may be a consideration.  Nobody likes to lug around a large heavy laptop while travelling.  On the same token, if you don’t travel often, but want that flexibility, a larger laptop will grant you faster speeds.

Laptop Features

Laptops have come a long way in recent years.  Many features are now built directly into a laptop.  Microsoft has gone through great lengths to make the device more secure in the event that its stolen.  Microsoft can now secure the computer using biometric data.  It may require you to swipe your finger print, or smile for the camera so it can detect who you are by facial recognition.  Failing to pass one of these biometric locks would prevent unauthorized access to the computer.  Bitlocker is an encryption technology that was designed and implemented by Microsoft.  Even in the event of the theft of your laptop, you can be sure that the thieves would not have access to your encrypted data without that biometric key.  

Laptop Speed

Nobody likes working on a slow computer.  Its important to make sure your system specifications are ideal for a laptop.  Beliefve it or not, the budget models may still use clunky old hard disk drive technology.  When you purchase a laptop, you will want to make sure you have a solid state drive, also known as SSD.  You will also want a minimum of 8gb of Memory and an Intel Core i7 processor or equivalent from AMD.  By ensuring you have the right specs, you can enjoy hours of mobile computing.

System Warranty

Because laptops are mobile, you want to make sure you carry the appropriate warranty.  You want to make sure your warranty is from a reputable source and that they have a good rating.  You can find the ratings of your warranty provider on services like Yelp.  Many third party warranty services require you to mail in your computer and takes weeks on average before you get the computer back..

We sell Dell laptops and the Dell warranties are rated in class.  The Dell warranties on the computers we seel are good for 3 years and they come to your home/business the next business day when a part needs replacing.

We also highly recommend you get the accidental coverage as everyone knows, accidents to happen and basic warranty coverage does not cover accidental damage.  Accidental coverage covers most issues like water damage and cracked screens from falls.