About Us

At Cowabunga Computers, we believe that the people of Hawaii should have the opportunity to carry out their daily tasks without fear or worry that technology will be holding them back.

We believe that our services should be fast, reliable, and affordable. Cowabunga Computers was founded in 2001 because everyone at the time failed to meet those objectives. When our founder urgently needed to recover documents from a failed laptop, he brought it to three of the leading I.T. firms at the time. All three companies failed to recover his data, none of them were expedient, and they all charged him a great deal of money even though they couldn’t recover anything.

Cowabunga set out to fix that problem. We have been operating with these objectives in mind for the last 16 years and we are always striving to find new and innovating ways to make the experience better for businesses and residents of Hawaii.

We employ staff that share and take part in our vision. We have policies and procedures to ensure that every computer is diagnosed properly which leads to a faster, more reliable product, a better result. To meet the objective of being affordable, we have made it our priority to add value to everything we provide. We are a service driven company and it shows in the work that we pride ourselves on. We can talk about antivirus, and backups, and firewalls till the cows come home, but none of that matters unless we meet our objectives.

Our promise to you, is to be fast, reliable, and affordable. Cowabunga believes in you and we want to help you achieve all your goals.

Brandon Arakaki
General Manager
Cowabunga Computers