Phishing scams targeting home buyers.

Brandon Uncategorized

Today’s topic is phishing.  Phishing is an elaborate attempt to impersonate an email from someone you know to get you to divulge important confidential information.  This may be your social security number, bank account information, pin numbers, birth dates, zip-codes or your physical address.  They may even try to get you to sign into a website that looks very much like a website you frequent, it could be your banks website, your emails website, or any online service you may subscribe to.  In extreme cases they may even ask you to wire large sums of money and provide you with bank routing information.  You would be surprised how many victims are fooled into doing such a thing because their “boss” emailed them saying it was urgent to do it right away.

Anytime anyone asks you to do anything via email, it should raise an immediate flag.  If in doubt, you should contact the person directly.

Here is an Oregon news website explaining how hackers are getting into real estate agents email accounts and phishing their clients by replacing the routing information for home buyer payments.  Here’s a quick spoiler for you, this isn’t isolated to Oregon and its definitely happening here in Hawaii too.

It’s a dark scary internet out there and we hope we can help shine some light and make it a safer place for you.