Network Down

Brandon Cowabunga!, Product Review

The following is based on a true story (It happened yesterday, I was there).

8:00 am – You walk into the office and power on your computer. You walk over to the coffee maker to make yourself a cup of coffee, then sit back down at your desk. You open up your email and you are greeted with an error that it can’t retrieve your email. You fire up your web browser and it tells you it can’t retrieve the website. You quickly ask your co-workers if they are experiencing the same issue, it appears they are. Your manager picks up the phone to dial for support, it appears the phones are down as well.

8:02 am – In walks a Cowabunga Tech and he lets you know that your internet is down and that he is there to get you back up and running. Who called you to let you know we were having problems you ask. Nobody, we noticed you were offline, so we decided to stop by to see why responds the Cowabunga Tech.

8:05 am – The Cowabunga Technician informs you that everyone’s access to the internet has been restored and that he would be leaving shortly if there was anything else he could assist with.

Lets face it, problems like these happen. This fortunate customer was able to get their day started promptly without going through the hassle of finding a computer company randomly on the internet or the yellow pages. They didn’t have to schedule an appointment two days out, nor did they have to pay an emergency fee to get someone out that same day. Cowabunga! was able to detect and remediate an urgent problem immediately, without the customer even notifying them of an outage.┬áIt’s a level of service that we strive to provide our customers with day in and day out. If you have a want or need for a better service provider, give us a call!