Internet and Phone Outage – 11.16.2017

Brandon Local News

We have received many reports that areas around the island are experiencing phone and internet outages affecting two major carriers.

Spectrum has been having issues with a few of our customers since around 12:30 am this morning according to our logs.

It was reported at around 6:00 am by Hawaii News Now that a fire under the Nimitz Viaduct in Mapunapuna was responsible for this outage. Click below for a link to the story.

Hawaii News Now

Later this morning one of our techs (Steven) noticed his phone wasn’t working. We also weren’t able to reach one of our customers (Val) on his cell phone. Putting two and two together we took to twitter to find that other T-Mobile users were also having issues.

Whether the two outages are related could be anyones guess, we just know that is been a terrible Thursday for a few of our clients that are on Spectrum and even worse for the thousands of subscribers on T-Mobile.