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4 compelling reason to upgrade to Windows 10
Microsoft has really hit the nail on the bulls-eye with Windows 10. They have managed to take many lessons learned from their history, and applied it to Windows 10. They continue to innovate and here are the top 4 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10 today.


Microsoft has made significant improvements to the underlying system. Coupled with todays new Solid State Disk drives the speed comparison is amazing. In addition to faster startup and shutdown speeds, Microsoft has made significant improvements to 3D and other graphic intensive operations that are managed by DirectX (12). Out of the box, everything is faster and snappier.

Start Menu

It was a very controversial and bold move by Microsoft to remove the start menu in windows 8. So much so that we strongly advised customers to not upgrade to windows 8. It was even bolder when Microsoft decided to retract their idea that not having a start menu was a good thing. With the introduction of Windows 10, they decided to bring back the start menu we love and know, and improved on it.

More Secure

Security has never been Microsoft's strong point. This changes in 10 and it is by far the most secure version of Windows to date. With Windows Defender included, there is very little to complain about. Security is best viewed as an onion, where each layer of the onion viewed as a layer of security. Windows Defender has no problems running beside a paid commercial antivirus, catching anything that may slip by. So far this year they have proven to be ahead of critical vulnerabilities patching them before they are publicly disclosed. This is a huge win for Microsoft and proves that they are taking security seriously.


Perhaps the most important reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is the improved stability. Microsoft has had years to perfect their craft. Windows 10 and their new update management has been reliable and stable.

Upgrade Today

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